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Subject: Trojan Missionaries in the Philippines
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Trojan Missionaries in the Philippines

Friends of Peoples Close to Nature, 23 May 1999


I am living in the Philippines since 18 years. After seeing how the indigenous groups are marginalized and brainwashed by the missionaries, we try to do an information campaign here in the country, lately we had a symposium in an university in this island of Cebu (in the middle of the archipelago). 800 students attended, they were there from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm and did not even want to go home. Our panelists were tribal leaders and women from 3 tribes. When the first leader spoke (he is also a pastor), the fire went over to all the students, he was talking about their landrights and how they are loosing their culture.

Of course he being a pastor was quite controversial—and now he is busy thinking how he can go back to his original belief and still stay a pastor. The other two Datus (chiefs) were also pastors. A friend of mine, A filipino artist who stayed many years with the tribes in the mountain-province (northern part of the country) reminded him of their original beliefs and now suddenly he is remembering so much, seeing that there was something so valuable which they have neglected after being brainwashed by the missionaries.

I just got the mail regarding the Akha sterilizations and the influence of this Paul Lewis, there are lots of people like that around, our place here is full with missionaries, mainly Americans, they act like elephants in a porcelaine store, but behind them is a system.

When I am asked if I am a missionary then I always say No, I am the opposite, a missionary tries to put something on top of you, I try to remove a cover to show what is there.

The SIL has done also a lot of damage, the Tbolis had 2 missionary-women for more than 40 years, they have changed their way of life completely.

The boys of one family were educated by them, later they were made chiefs by the spanish fellow who became the head of PANAMIN (Marcos' tribal organization), the real tribal leaders and elders were pushed down to nothing, this family is holding power until now.

One was the maoyr for a long time, now he is commissioner of the newly created NCIP (National Comission of Indigenous People) and so on.

Are you familiar with the tricks of the SIL? They are supported by big businessmen in Texas, their trainingcenter is there (Secret Societes must be behind all this), this all has a system, we must expose that.

When I brought back a women to her original ways and visions through healing and opening to her past heritage, they told her I am a witch.

When I sent her papers (she is a teacher) they took it away.