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October 27, 1995

Re-reading Philippine History (xpost from H-AMSTDY, American Studies list)

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Re-reading Philippine History

By Sharon Delmendo, from H-AMSTDY list, 27 October 1995

I don't know if by American historiography you mean to limit your class materials to the domestic US, but if you are interested in venturing afield (i.e., across the Pacific ocean!) there are some terrific articles in the new volume Discrepant Histories, edited by Vincente Rafael and published simultaneously in the US by Temple UP and in the Philippines by Anvil Publishers.

One of the early sections of the book focuses on America's colonial policies in the Philippines. Several articles might be of interest. One focuses on the war against cholera as a medical counterpart to the war against Filipino insurgents. Another examines penal colonies as the intersection between colonial pacification and criminal rehabilitation (a la Foucault). There's also an interesting article on the 19th-Century Filipino Illustrado such as Jose Rizal, although that might be too off the subject since that article focuses on the Filipino side.

I'm sorry I don't have the exact author or article names; I left the book at home. If anyone is interested in the information, inquire on- or off- list. Discrepant Historiesis well worth reading for intercultural/inter national Cultural Studies as well as American history/historiography.

I don't know if the book is out in the States yet; it just came out about a month ago here in Manila. If the book is not yet out, several of the essays were previously published in journals.

Best Wishes,
Sharon Delmendo
De La Salle University
Manila, Philippines