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IBON Jacket on Wages, Labor and Workers

IBON, 24 August 2001

The IBON Jacket on Wages, Labor and Workers is a compilation of all available reading materials on labor popularized in the issues of IBON Facts and Figures English and Filipino, IBON Special Releases, Inst. of Political Economy journals and primers, and Perspectives.

The Jacket discusses the current situation of the Philippine labor industry presented through relevant labor indicators; features trade unionism in the Philippines; looks into the workers situation in paper, agriculture, mining, garments and steel industries, as well as government offices; exposes the plight of migrant workers, agricultural workers and women workers here and abroad; presents intensive discussion on labor flexibilization and the effects of globalization on labor; expounds on the export of contract labor; and outlines the struggle for a just living wage.

Why should you buy the IBON Jacket on Wages, Labor and Workers?

We also offer the following labor-related video documentaries:

2001, AV042 Daluyong (34 min., Filipino, VHS, NTSC format) How does globalization affect the Filipino workers? Daluyong, a new video documentary from IBON Foundation, Inc. captures the concrete impact of globalization on workers. No job security, union busting, violation of workers' rights and welfare-these are the lament of workers from various industries in the country who have been severely hit by globalization. The workers hit back-they show that the way to fight globalization is through militant struggle.

1998, AV005 Migrante (45 min., Filipino with English subtitles, VHS, NTSC) Features the plight of Filipino migrant workers in Hongkong.

1997, AV041 Modern Heroes, Modern Slaves (45 min., English, VHS, NTSC) Depicts the plight of Filipino migrant workers, the social costs and how the government promotes the export of labor. A production by Multi-Monde Productions.

1997, AV031 A Miner's Lament (33 min., English, VHS, NTSC format) A stirring exposition on the effects of open-pit mining in Itogon not only to mine workers but also to the indigenous peoples of Cordillera.

1996, AV028 Women at Work, Women at Risk (20 min., English, VHS, NTSC) An in-depth presentation on the condition and struggles of women workers in various types and places of work.

1988, AV037 Kalbaryo ng Maralitang Taga-Lunsod (21 min., Filipino, VHS, NTSC)—A dramatization on the plight of the urban poor.

1987, AV004 Migrante (33 min., Filipino, VHS, NTSC format) Filipino migrant workers speak out feelings of loneliness and alienation in a foreign country. Also features the pioneering work of the Bethune House in creating a support system for Filipino migrant workers.


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