The IT, media and telecommunications of the Philippines

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Sex in cyberspace alarms senate; Probe pressed
Manila Bulletin, 11 March 1996. Anti-pornography on cyberspace crusade used to justify censorship of Internet needed to protect state secrets and control information that might be harmful to State security.
‘Two of a kind’
Philippine Daily Inquirer Magazine, 12 May 1999. This is the intro to an interview set casting light on the recent press muzzling brouhaha in Manila. All hell broke loose in the The Times newsroom last month on account of President Estrada's P101-million libel suit and the subsequent front-page apology from The Times president Robina Gokongwei-Pe
Community Radio
By Don de Silva, 16 December 1996. Tambuli, the carabao horn, traditionally used in a village in the Philippines to convene a meeting, is now the call name of a series of community radio stations. Tambuli has become the voice of disadvantaged communities.
Computer Whizzes at Philippine Pay: Technologically Literate People Service and Supply U.S. Business
By Wayne Arnold, The New York Times, 19 May 2000. The “Love Bug” episode brings a necessary spotlight to the tech scene in the Philippines. A growing pool of high-technology Philippine talent is attractive to employers in Europe and the United States. Of course, cheap labor is a big part of this country's attractiveness to corporations abroad.
Manila firm gets nod to operate Internet casino
By Luz Baguioro, The Straits Times, 5 July 2000. Gaming operators are on a roll, much to the chagrin of the Roman Catholic church, as the Philippine government and private companies prepare to launch new gambling ventures in coming weeks.
Constricting Cyberspace
By WomensHub Web Team, 24 October 2002. WomensHub co-sponsored a forum entitled “Constricting Cyberspace: Examining Internet Rights after 9-11ᰵ held last September 24.
Is the Press Being Muzzled?
By Rasheed Abou-Alsamh, Al-Jazeerah, 22 August 2003. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo scolded the GMA-Channel 7 television reporter Tina Panganiban Perez for allegedly “abetting rebellion” by interviewing Sen. Gregorio Honasan before the state of rebellion had been lifted.