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Subject: ABC: New Pro-Democracy Group in Indonesia
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Source: Radio Australia (ABC International News)
Wednesday 30 April, 1997
(9:03pm AEST)

New Pro-Democracy Group Launched in Indonesia

From Radio Australia (ABC International News).
30 April, 1997

A group of Indonesian activists has launched a new pro-democracy group, saying its first priority would be to monitor complaints about wrongdoing during the current parliamentary election campaign.

A number of student and youth activists have joined together to form the National Committee for Democratic Struggles, the K-N-P-D.

K-N-P-D secretary general Nur Hikmah says complaints would be forwarded to national election monitors, political parties, police, as well as human rights and legal aid organisations.

Indonesia is now in the first week of its 27-day electoral campaign for elections on May the 29th.

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