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Military doctor surrenders as police investigate dumped foetuses

South China Morning Post, Internet Edition,
Wednesday 3 Dec 1997

JENNY GRANT in Jakarta A military doctor has handed himself over to authorities in connection with a spate of aborted foetuses found dumped around Jakarta.

Police have arrested 13 people, including three staff of a large military hospital, for their alleged role in aborting and dumping foetuses.

Jakarta Military Command spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Nachrowi said the doctor, whose name was given only as Lieutenant-Colonel Jaya L, admitted aborting at least 10 unborn babies a day at two illegal abortion clinics in Jakarta.

Abortion is illegal in Indonesia, unless it is done to save the life of the mother.

The 48-year-old doctor surrendered to military police last week. He will be charged before a military tribunal with conducting abortions. The charge carries a maximum 5=BD-year prison term.

"The suspect may also be dismissed if he is found guilty," said Colonel Nachrowi.

The detained doctor worked part-time at the illegal abortion clinics while he served at the Gatot Subroto Army Hospital in central Jakarta.

Police have also arrested a former army major identified as Bud, who they allege worked in the abortion clinics.

Three non-military personnel who also work at the army hospital and abortion clinics as midwives and anaesthetists are also being questioned.

Dozens of foetuses and aborted babies' bones have been found at three separate locations around Jakarta in the past two weeks.

The grisly discoveries have pushed the usually secret issue of abortion into the headlines and raised a heated debate in this predominantly Muslim country.

Last week police found up to 22 foetuses, bones and a small skeleton buried in the grounds of a school for disabled children.

In the latest discovery police found 10 tiny bones buried in the front of Herlina's abortion clinic in north Jakarta. The nurse who runs the clinic and two of her staff have also been arrested.

"We all know about Herlina's clinic. I take young students there at least three times a week. They are all going to have abortions, it's very popular," said taxi driver Suprihat.

Mr Suprihat said he could not believe that authorities did not know about the clinic earlier when "every taxi driver in town" was aware of the businesses.

Abortions cost between 500,000 rupiah (HK$1,150) and 800,000 rupiah and are available at dozens of private clinics, hospitals and backyard establishments in Jakarta.

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