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 History of Indonesia in general
Pramoedya Ananta Toer, Excuse me, in the name of experience (selections)
Translated by Alex G. Bardsley. 10 February, 1995. Indonesia's best known writer here reflects upon Indonesian history since the 17th century and its relevance to the divisions and repression today.
Liberating our Colonial Mindset
A lecture by George J. Aditjondro. 16 August, 1995. at the AIA-CSEAS Monash Asia Institute in Melbourne Australia. Is "Indonesia" the heir of Dutch colonial government, a new Java-based empire, or a new complex nation?
How Washington backed bloodbath in Indonesia
By Deirdre Griswold, in Workers World, 5 October, 1995. Survey's the history of Indonesia leading up to the ouster of President Sukarno and the massacres of 1965-66, and estimates the involvement of the US.
Gestapu: The CIA's "Track Two" in Indonesia
By David Johnson, 1976. Defends a new interpretation of the GESTAPU plan. The coup was backed by Suharto and meant to fail quickly to provide an excuse to crush the KPI and install military government in 1965 as a counter coup.

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