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History of the Indonesian economy

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 History of Indonesia in general
   The 1997-98 financial crisis in Asia in general
Forrest fires: logging is to blame
By Heri Achmadi, in Inside Indonesia, April 1988.
Secret World Bank Document Admits mistakes in Indonesia
By Pratap Chatterjee, IPS. 9 May, 1995. Re social impact of the Kedung Ombo dam project, completed in 1989.
Why is Indonesia burning?
By John Catalinotto, in Workers World, 9 October, 1997. US complicity in the disastrous forest fires.
Many forests set on fire over land disputes, says research centre
From the Straits Times, 23 October, 1997. Land rights disputes between big farming companies and small local farmers.
Workers In Asia Resist Austerity Measure
By Maurice Williams, in the MIlitant, 27 October 1997. Workers strike and students protest wage arrearages and food shortages due to rising public debt. Suharto calls the austerity a self-imposed IMF program. IMF rescue package drafted on October 10.
Indonesians go on panic buying of food items
By Susan Sim, Singapore Press Holdings, 9 January 1998. Word of rupiah devaluation sets off food panic.
Currency meltdown panics Indonesians; Residents rush to stock up on food
By Michael Richardson, in the Toronto Globe and Mail, 9 January 1998.
Indonesia: Crippled banks imperil attempts at financial restructuring
By Peter Montagnon and Sander Thoenes, in London Financial Times, 15 January 1998. Re bank restructuring and whether IMF erred in Indonesia.
Blunder by IMF deepened Asian economic crisis
By Tom Rhodes in Washington and a correspondent in Jakarta, in the London Times, 15 January 1998. Confidential IMF report admits an important part of its Asian rescue stragegy failed. It aggravated Indonesia's economic decline. Camdessus about to sign an agreement with Suharto.
Suharto agrees to new IMF package
IMF Optimistic as Agreement is Reached on New Package for Indonesia. From BBC World Service 17 January 1998. It will be very heard on the working poor.
Dreams Tumble With the Rupiah: Indonesia's Workers Put Hopes for a Better Life on Hold
By Paul Blustein, in the Washington Post, 23 January 1998.
Wall Street Demands Austerity, Buys Up Wealth Of Indonesia
By Maurice Williams, in the Militant, 26 January 1998.

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