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History of poverty and unemployment in Indonesia

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   The history of Indonesian society in general

Joblessness arising from fiscal crisis

Jakarta forecasts 8 million will be jobless this year
By Susan Sim, in The Straits Times, 6 February 1998. Massive unemployment, its likely effect, and the World Bank and the political opposition taking advantage of situation.

Political implications of poverty

Who is listening to Indonesia's poor?
Inside Indonesia, 22 jun 1998. Over a million Muslim Indonesians gathered for an open-air prayer meeting in Surabaya. Peaceful and all in white, it was the largest gathering in that country in decades. For over three hours, one famous ulama after another pleaded for God's mercy in their distress. Suharto's New Order was a club for a privileged upper middle class.
Wahid addresses Urban Poor Consortium rally; praises NGOs
Jakarta Post, Sunday 21 November 1999. Excepts from Wahid's speech at a gathering organized by the Urban Poor Consortium. Defends administration's decision to ban becak (pedicabs) from operating in the city on humanitarian grounds.
Unemployment causes conflicts: Minister
The Jakarta Post, 31 oct 2000. Minister of Manpower and Transmigration Al Hilal Hamdi believes that the high growth in unemployment is the root of the conflicts across the country, from Aceh to Irian Jaya. The unemployed could easily be manipulated to mobilize support for groups to push certain issues, such as ethnicity, religion, culture, social and economic interests.