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History of Indonesian culture, media and telecommunication

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 History of Indonesia in general


East Javanese trance dances
An dialog from the jinarwa list. 14 February, 1995.

The media and telecommunications

Bulletins versus Bullets: The Politics of the Alternative Media in Indonesia
A paper by George J. Aditjondro, 7 April, 1995, on the alternative press and the rebirth of political journalism.
Intel: Indonesia Intelligence Daily & Indonesia Intelligence Weekly
From Internationally-Oriented Computer-Assisted Reporting List, 22 May 1995. A commercial advertisement for an English language Indonesian news publication from the US.
Indonesia's Information Highway is too fast for Suharto: Strongman seeks net roadblocks
From the Chicago Tribune, 17 May, 1997. The effect of satellite TV, mobile phones, and Internet on political stability in Indonesia.
Internet use to be controlled
From Reporters sans frontieres (RSF). Action Alert, 19 June 1997. New Indosat Internet service will be censored in order to block pornography, which threatens national security.

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