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October 31, 1995
Taiwan Democracy/Independence (Bibliography)

Taiwan Democracy/Independence (Bibliography)

Compiled by Clyde Kiang (
31 October 1995

The following is a bibliography of books in English on Taiwan Independence and democracy movement:

  1. Ballantine, Joseph W
    Formosa, a problem for United States foreign policy. Washington: Brookings Institution, 1952.
    A historical study on the subject of American foreign policy toward Taiwan.
  2. Bate, H. Maclear
    Report from Formosa. New York: Dutton, 1952.
    Provides a historical background for the study of Taiwanese history.
  3. Chen, Lung-chu
    Formosa, China and the United Nations; Formosa in the world community/ Lung-chu Chen and Harold D. Lasswell. New York: St. Martin's, 1967.
  4. Cohen, Marc J
    Taiwanese at the crossroads; human rights, political development and social change on the beautiful island. Washington: Asia Resource Center, 1988.
  5. Cooper, John F.
    A quiet revolution: political development in the Republic of China. Washington: Ethics and Public Policy Center, 1988.
  6. Formosa today
    Edited by Mark Mancell. New York: F. Praeger, 1964.
    Contributors include Shinkichi Eto, Akira Iriye, Ong Joktik, Maurice Meisner, etc.
  7. The future of Taiwan: a difference of opinion.
    Edited by Victor H. Li. New York: M.E. Sharpe, 1980.
    Explores the nature and complexity of the Taiwan problem.
  8. Kerr, George H
    Formosa betrayed. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1965.
    A historical work on the history of Taiwan during the post-World War II period.
  9. ____________
    Formosa: licensed revolution and the home rule movement, 1895-1945. Honolulu: University Press of Hawaii, 1974.
  10. ____________
    The Taiwan confrontation crisis. Washington: Formosan Association for Public Affairs, 1985.
  11. Hsu, Chung Y.
    The 1991 National Assembly election in Taiwan/ Chung Y. Hsu and Parris Chang. Chicago: North America Taiwanese Professors' Association, 1992.
  12. Kiang, Clyde
    The Hakka Odyssey & their Taiwan homeland. Elgin, PA: Allegheny Press, 1992.
    A portion deals with democracy and independence movement in Taiwan from Hakka Taiwanese viewpoints.
  13. Let Taiwan be Taiwan: documents on the international status of Taiwan.
    Edited with analysis and commentary by Marc J. Cohen and Emma Teng. Washington: Center for Taiwanese International Relations, 1990.
  14. Mendel, Douglas
    The politics of Formosan nationalism. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1970.
  15. Murray, Stephen O
    Taiwanese culture, Taiwanese society: a critical review of social science research done on Taiwan/ Stephen O. Murray and Keelung Hong. Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 1994.
  16. The other Taiwan: 1945 to the present.
    Edited by Murray A. Rubinstein. New York: M.E. Sharpe, 1993.
  17. Peng, Ming-min
    A taste of freedom: memoirs of a Formosan independence leader. New York: Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1972.
  18. Shi, Mei (Su Bing)
    Taiwan's 400 year history. Washington: Taiwanese Cultural Grassroots Association, 1986.
  19. Wachman, Alan M
    Taiwan: national identity and democratization. New York: M.E. Sharpe, 1994.
The above bibliography was compiled by Clyde Kiang.

Clyde Kiang (
California University of Pennsylvania
California, Pennsylvania