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Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 22:36:16 -0500
Sender: H-Net list for Asian History and Culture <H-ASIA@h-net.msu.edu>
From: Steven A. Leibo, The Sage Colleges <LEIBO@cnsvax.albany.edu>
Subject: H-ASIA: JAS on JSTOR
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Date: November 10, 1997
From: John Campbell <jccamp@umich.edu>
Subject: JAS on JSTOR


H-Asia, 10 November 1997

The Journal of Asian Studies, and the earlier Far Eastern Quarterly back to 1941 plus issues of the Bibliography of Asian Studies prior to 1970 (when the electronic compilation will start), are now available on JSTOR. That means full-text retrival and a good searching facility. We have a moving wall of five years; currently the volumes available are up to 1991.

You can reach JSTOR on the web at http://www.jstor.org/. If your university has subscribed, the JAS is available now. If not, you can see a demonstration, and of course information on subscribing and so forth. The website also allows you to ask questions.

John Campbell