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Great Patriot of China Dies at 101

Xinhua, 14 October 2001

LOS ANGELES, October 14 (Xinhua) -- Chang Hsue-liang, a legendary great patriot of China, died in hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii of the United States, at 20:50 on Sunday (local time) at the age of 101.

Chang was hospitalized more than 10 days ago because of illness. Chinese diplomats at the consulate general in Los Angeles visited him during his hospitalization.

On December 12, 1936, Chang, then a general of the Kuomintang ( Nationalist) army, detained the top leader of the Kuomintang, Chiang Kai-shek, in the northwestern city of Xi'an and demanded that he cease the civil war and unite with the Communist Party to fight against the Japanese aggressors. That historical event is known as the Xi'an Incident in the Chinese modern history and Chang has been remembered as a great patriot in contemporary China.