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Wenzhou to Become First City to Accept Rich People into CCP

China News Digest, 16 August 2001

[CND, 08/16/01] In his speech in July 1st Ceremony celebrating 80th birthday of the Chinese Communist Party, JIANG Zemin lifted the ban on private businessmen from joining the party. The South China Morning Post (SCMP) reports on Monday, that one of the rich private business men in Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province, will become the first in the country to be formally inducted into the Chinese Communist Party.

According to a recent decision by CCP's Central Organization Department, Mr. NAN Cunhui, founder of one of Wenzhou's largest private firms - Chint Group in Wenzhou city, will be the first set to join the ranks of the red capitalists. Local CCP organization department had spoken to Mr. Nan and was working on details to accept private businessmen into the party.

Chairman Nan has a very good chance of becoming one of the first private businessmen to join the party following the Party Secretary-General JIANG Zemin's July 1 speech, SCMP cited YAN Juezhong, secretary of the company's Communist Party group as saying. The electronic appliance producer has 8,000 employees and generated 4.2 billion yuan (US$ 0.52 billion) in sales last year.

In my opinion, chairman Nan is not yet a party member but he has joined the party in his mind, Mr. Yan said. His sense of bonding with the party, his understanding of the party and his support to our work are all beyond most ordinary party members.

SCMP said that, Chinese President and CCP General Secretary JIANG Zemin, Vice-President HU Jintao and various officials from the Central Party School have visited Wenzhou over the past year. NAN Cunhui was one of the private rich businessmen interviewed by the visitors. The trips made by high ranking officials from Beijing helped to convince Mr. Jiang that it was better to accept businessmen than exclude them in current situation of the party. (Bo XIONG)