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Communist Party Internal Report Reveals Spread of Unrest

China News Digest, 4 June 2001

CND, 06/04/01] A report made public on Friday and produced by a top party research group unusually described the situation of China as tense, with conflicts on the rise as a result of collective protests and group incidents arising from economic, ethnic and religious conflicts in China, the New York Times reported.

The report warns that further opening China's market to outside world would mean even greater social conflict and vaguely suggests that some system reforms could reduce public grievances.

Our country's entry into the World Trade Organization may bring growing dangers and pressures, and it can be predicted that in the ensuing period the number of group incidents may jump, severely harming social stability and even disturbing the smooth implementation of reform and opening up, states the report, China Investigation Report 2000-2001: Studies of Contradictions Among the People Under New Conditions.

The study was conducted by a research group of the Central Committee's organization department, headed by ZENG Qinghong, who is regarded as JIANG Zemin's top advisor and widely believed to be seeking higher office. The New York Ties said that the 308-page report cites growing social and economic inequality and official corruption as over-arching sources of discontent. The income gap is approaching the alarm level with disparities widening between city and countryside, between the fast-growing east coast and the stagnant interior, and within urban populations. The report describes corruption as the main fuse exacerbating conflicts between officials and the masses.

The report was published by the party's Central Compilation and Translation Press and available for purchase on Friday at the press's office. It is unclear why central party officials broke with the tradition of suppressing sensitive information, the New York Times said. (Bo XIONG)