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China's Software Industry to Compete With India

China News Digest, 15 March 2001

[CND, 03/15/01] India is to face increasingly strong competition from China in the software industry in the years to come, said Micah Truman, head of madeforchina.com, a Beijing-based Internet marketing firm, AFP reported on Monday.

India's software sector has been growing 50 percent annually since 1991, but China also has great potential, said Truman.

In comparison of GDP per capita (Gross Domestic Product), however, the picture changes, said Truman. China has a GDP per capita of 3,800 dollars compared to India's 1,800. Its exports are three times more than India and while China has 100 million telephones, India has only 18.95 million. So China is capable of gaining ground quickly, Truman stated.

Truman said in order for India to really dominate the software sector, it must sell to Asian nations. (Ardie Wen)