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Six Dead at Two Coal Mines in Hubei, Tongshan County

Xinhua News Agency, China Labor Watch, 28 March 2001

News of Chinese Agency Net in Wuhan: two collieries in Tongsham county Hubei province appeared mine flooding repeatedly in three days to kill 5, injure 5 and still shut others 3 under the well with unknown situation of alive.

China News Net, Wuhan, March 28: Within three days, two mines in Hubei Tongshan County suffered flood damage, causing six deaths and five injuries, with three still trapped underground with unknown fate.

According to Chutian Dushi (a newspaper based in Hubei), on March 24, the Datang Coal mine of Yanxia Rural District of Tongshan County was also hit by water pour-in accident. Three miners were trapped underground, their fate unknown. Rescue efforts are underway.