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Hugh Changes in China: The IMF begins an exchange of information with Chinese trade unions

IMF, 7 December 2000

GENEVA: After the first official IMF visit to the People's Republic of China in July of last summer, a report from the delegation, headed by the IMF president, Klaus Zwickel, and general secretary, Marcello Malentacchi, was discussed by the IMF's Executive Committee, meeting in Geneva on December 6-7.

The IMF mission met with the All China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) and two metalworkers' unions—the Machinery and Metallurgical Workers' Trade Union and the National Defence Industry Workers' Union.

Zwickel reported on developments in China which are huge and very fast-moving. He said that all major companies are investing there, and this will effect all regions worldwide. China is now opening up to the world.

It is also clear that trade union activities will change in the coming years, Zwickel stated. The unions are faced with important challenges and have a great need for information.

Following discussion, the U.S. members of the Executive Committee rejected any ideas of close relations with the Chinese trade unions because of human rights violations in the country.

The Executive decided to recommend an exchange of information with the ACFTU and the two metalworkers' unions, to begin with on specific topics, particularly those such as collective bargaining.