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Assault on cults

The Straits Times, 6 December 2000

IN ADDITION to the already outlawed group Falungong, the China Anti-Cult Association (Casa) has its sight on what it calls sub-qigong cults currently active in China.

They include the Fragrance Qigong sect, the Merciful Qigong group and the National Qigong group.

The association is also on the lookout for potential cults among China's underground Christian groups.

One of the Casa's council members is Mr Fu Tieshan, Bishop of Beijing and head of the Patriotic Catholic Association.

Commenting on the esoteric beliefs held by some religious sects in China, Professor He said while they are free to believe whatever they wish, they should not spread their outlandish ideas.

It is all right to spread a religion's aims and beliefs but groups should refrain from spreading esoteric beliefs as normal ones, he stressed.

The Casa will convene a two-day Anti-Cult Seminar this coming Christmas and Boxing Day. Mr He insisted that these dates were not picked for any special reason. It is mere coincidence, he said. --David Hsieh