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China Develops Technology to Access Internet Via Power Line

Xinhua, 29 January 2002

FUZHOU, January 29 (Xinhua) -- Chinese researchers have developed a technology to access the Internet via power lines, which is expected to rapidly increase Internet usage in China.

Developed by the Fujian Electric Power Testing and Research Institute and known as 10MBPS digitized power line (DPL) the technology enables computers to access the Internet via an USB power line communication adapter.

With a modem, it also allows data communication to be made via a power line between computers and any electrical equipment, such as computers, TV, DVD and even heating devices, making remote control easier.

Lin Han, president of the research institute, said that the technology is superior in speed and stability to similar technology in foreign countries . It works well with a voltage range from 180-240 volts, with a maximum data transmission speed of 10MB per second.

According to the institute, the technology is now ready for commercial use. When mass produced, the special modem required will cost around 500 yuan (60.24 U.S. dollars), which is about the same cost as conventional modems.

The institute still has to go through a series of formalities before commercializing the technology.