Trade unions address international monetary fund and world bank

Mongolia Online, 03 April 2003

April 3. /MONTSAME-OANA/—The Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions addressed Directors’ Councils of IMF and the WB through those representative offices in Mongolia making request to conduct an analysis to its influences and results of poverty reduction policy, which was agreed with the Mongolian Government, and review its policy and activities carried out in Mongolia. This request was expressed by the form of telegram.

According to the Confederation, advises from the international financial organizations to hold the rate of wage and pensions, or increase the salary and pension by minimum level is encouraging the unequal distribution of income. A strict policy on workers salary and pensions adhered by international financial organizations is making a negative influence to the trilateral agreement to ensure social coordination between the Confederation of Trade Unions, the Mongolian Government and the Employers Association.

According to official representatives from the Confederation, from official development loans granted to Mongolia in 1996-2000 when a national programme on poverty alleviation was carried out, only $ 15.6 million was devoted to the poverty reduction campaign.