43,000 in workers’ rally

Dagens Arbete, 10 November 1998

ICFTU-APRO Fria fackföreningsinternationalen FFI-Asien 981110: 43,000 in workers’ rally. Protest against ’deteriorating social security’.

The Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions (CMTU) organised, November 4, demonstrations by over 43,000 workers nationwide, focusing attention ’Against-Deteriorating Social Security for Workers’.

At the Rally, the CMTU demanded the Government among others to set up a monthly minimum wage system, to compensate immediately unpaid wages and to set up pensions for workers in the public sector.

A statement adopted on the occasion set the time limit of December 4, 1998 for the Government to response, warning otherwise the union movement would go on a long-term strike during the ICFTU-APRO Trade Union and Human Rights Week between 7th and 13th of December 1998.