Study finds one in five Taiwanese wants to emigrate

AP, The Straits Times, 17 October 2000

TAIPEI—Nearly one in five Taiwanese would like to emigrate, and the most popular reason for wanting to leave was perceived political and social instability, a survey released yesterday said.

About the same number of Taiwanese wanted to leave the island a decade ago but they were more worried about the island's chaotic traffic, pollution and expensive housing then, the poll by the United Daily News said.

The newspaper, a leading Chinese-language daily, said 40 per cent of those who want to emigrate cited political and social instability as their main reason.

Last spring, Taiwanese elected their first president from an opposition party and the transfer of power has not been going smoothly. The stock market has been plunging amid uncertainty about new policies and feuding among political parties.

The survey also said that 25 per cent of those polled complained about traffic, pollution and housing, while 9 per cent wanted to emigrate to seek new jobs.

The United States and Canada were the most favoured destinations followed by Australia, Europe, Singapore, New Zealand and Japan, the survey said.