Jianyang Federation of Trade Unions assists workers in labour dispute

Asian Labour News, 12 September 2004

The Jianyang Federation of Trade Unions (in Fujian) has assisted 91 workers in wining a labour dispute lasting for 3 years.

The 91 workers had previously been employed in a medical factory since May 1999. Their contracts were due to end in April 2002. However, because it lacked the correct production licenses, the factory was shut down by government on 28 October 2001. The workers' wages—a 172 yuan per month—were paid up to September 2001.

The 91 workers argued that this is unfair and that the company should pay them compensation as they still had contract with the company. They asked the Federation for help and the case went to court in April 2003. After several appeals and judgments, the court judged that the factory should pay 243,000 yuan to the 91 workers for compensation and salary of the remaining period of the contract.