Bible Shipping Hong Kong Businessman Sentenced to Two Years

China News Digest, 29 January 2002

[CND, 01/29/02] A Hong Kong businessman was sentenced Monday to two years imprisonment after a half-day trial in Yinxi, Fujian province, for illegal business activities, a modification from the previous charge of activities related to evil cults, AFP reported.

Li Guangqiang was arrested in May when he tried to bring 16,280 copies of the New Testament to Fujian province. Li is a member of the Shouters group.

They (the court) said: 'Your Bibles were not published in mainland China, but brought in from another country through Hong Kong, therefore they are illegal', Li's wife Liu Huajing said.

She said that the bibles had been sold for 20 yuan each from earlier shipments. (Dong LIU)