Shenzhen: Showcase for China's Economic Growth

Xinhua, 4 Feburary 2002

SHENZHEN, February 4 (Xinhua)—Shenzhen City, one of China's five special economic zones, has had an annual gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate of 25 percent ever since the late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping's tour to south China's Guangdong Province 10 years ago.

On January 19-22, 1992, Deng Xiaoping, the architect general of China's reform and opening policy, visited Shenzhen and called for bold measures to accelerate reform and opening during his fact-finding and inspection tour of the south China city.

According to local sources, Shenzhen's GDP reached 190.82 billion yuan (about 23 billion U.S. dollars) last year, compared with 31.73 billion yuan (about 3.82 billion U.S. dollars ) in 1992.

Over the decade the per capita consumption of urban residents in Shenzhen has shot up to over 20,000 yuan (about 2,409 U.S. dollars), from less than 5,000 yuan (about 602 U.S. dollars).

Shenzhen, which used to be a small town with about 20,000 residents, has grown into a boom city which is now highly rated throughout the country as one of China's leading exporters and having won the most garden-like city in the world award in 2000.

The southern-tour speech made by Deng Xiaoping has totally changed our lives. It is Deng who has made Shenzhen and changed the city, said Wu Limin, a local resident. It is hard for us to describe our respect and gratitude toward Deng Xiaoping in just one sentence since we have all benefited from his vision.

A wide range of activities, including concerts, painting exhibitions and symposiums, have been organized in Shenzhen, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the speech made by Deng Xiaoping during his visit to the city, said local sources.