Luannan Federation of Trade Unions establishes mechanism to protect worker's health and rights

Asian Labour News, 29 September 2004

The Luannan Federation of Trade Unions in Hebei has established a contact person mechanism in non state-owned enterprises to help protect the health and rights of workers.

The system utilizes a double-employing mechanism: the contact person is employed by the FTU and also by the enterprise as a staff monitor on labour. Records and assessment will be provided for the contact person.

Responsibilities of the contact persons are threefold. First, they are to fill in reports including Report on industrial accident, Report on potential danger in work safety, and Report on improvement of work safety and occupational health. The contact person should report to the trade union in the enterprise and the county FTU on serious accidents and potential dangers within 2 hours after receiving news on the issue. The contract person should also report monthly on all cases for the month. Second, the contact person should report and communicate with a group in the county FTU on their work, the status of work safety and occupational health, provide suggestions for improvement, etc. Third, the contact person should participate in the investigation of serious potential dangers and industrial accidents onsite.