Chinese Government Confirms Tin Mine Accident in Guangxi

China News Digest, 5 August 2001

[CND, 08/05/01] The People's Daily said that more than 70 bodies have been recovered from a tin mine in Guangxi Zhuan Autonomous region, an accident the government has been denying for the past week, AFP reported.

The reason for the accident is the miners broke through an adjacent, abandoned shaft that was filled with water ... At the time, miners and supervisors were unable to escape immediately after they broke the shaft wall, said the report.

Ten days after the incident happened, Nanning (Guangxi's capital) media received reports and this case was exposed ... Reporters were followed and restricted. Responsible officials were trying to hide the truth, added the report.

Police have arrested mine owner Li Dongming. The central government sent a team of investigators to the scene. Rescuers are still searching for bodies in the mine. (Dong LIU)