[American involvement in the civil war]

The Militant, 10 November 1945

American forces are directly involved in the civil war which broke out last week in north China. On October 27 soldiers of the Fourth Army, which is commanded by the Stalinist Yenan regime, fired on the barge of an American Admiral. The fire was returned by the barge. This exchange symbolized what may now occur on a wide scale.

The extent of the war between Chiang Kai-shek and Yenan became known October 28. Stalinist sources, quoted by the United Press, said undeclared civil war was raging in at least 11 provinces of North China. The Chiang Kai-shek government has concentrated 800,000 troops in the area to wipe out communist forces.

China is one of the great prizes of the Second World War. Chiang Kai-shek has a long bloody record of ruthless reprisals against the Chinese masses whenever they have sought to better their living conditions or to build a free and independent China. American Big Business counts on using Chiang Kai-shek as a puppet which will further the imperialist interests of America. That is why Washington is doing its utmost to strengthen his hand.