China-Taiwan relations

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Chinese workers party ‘launched’
BBC News, 1 January 1999. A Washington-based lobby group, apparently led by Kuomintang Protestants, uses workers' dissent in China to justfify a U.S. political party aiming to overthow the socialist government there (see Declaration of Free China Movement).
China accepts ‘Taiwan form of democracy’
By Sunny Goh, The Sunday Times, 17 January 1999. China has no objection to Taiwan developing its own form of democracy or identifying its people as New Taiwanese, so long as these moves stabilise its society. But Beijing will oppose strongly any political change that steers the island away from reunification,
China Criticizes Taiwan Over Policy Shift
By Michael Laris, Washington Post, 14 July 1999. China assailed Taiwan's President, Lee Teng-hui, saying his retraction of the island's long-standing one China policy constituted a move toward independence. Several factors appear to have contributed to the decision by Lee to reverse a policy that has been the basis for Taiwan's relationship with China since 1991.
The Hidden Meaning of Beijing's White Paper
Stratfor Weekly Analysis, 28 February 2000. Beijing threatened the use of force if Taiwan indefinitely refuses to negotiate on reunification with China. But this statement has less to do with Taiwan than it does with Beijing's ongoing attempt to re-define today's unipolar world into a multi-polar one.
Beijing Worried About Opposition Victory
By Antoaneta Bezlova, IPS, 17 March 2000. Predictions that Chen Shui-bian, the opposition Democratic Progressive Party candidate, will become Taiwan's next president, ending the Kuomintang's 50-year rule on the island, are making the Chinese leadership increasingly nervous. The platform of Chen's party calls for a sovereign and independent Republic of Taiwan.
Chinese political model can solve Taiwan impasse
By Sunny Goh, The Straits Times, 27 August 2000. Beijing and Taipei must look beyond Western models of reunification and exploit their Chinese similarities in history and government. This is the only way to break out of the cross-strait impasse.
Direct links to China will start on Jan 1, says Taipei
By Goh Sui Noi, The Straits Times, 13 December 2000. Taiwan has made plans for direct trade, transport and postal links between the islands of Kinmen and Matsu and the province of Fujian. A problem was that the Chinese authorities had not made reciprocal measures.