Japan-Korea relations

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Gov't to lift all N. Korea sanctions
Mainichi Shimbun, Wednesday 15 December 1999. Tokyo imposed the punishments in protest at Pyongyang's launching of a missile that flew over the Japanese archipelago in August 1998. The decision to lift the freeze on food aid to North Korea and normalization talks laid the foundation for preliminary discussions between Tokyo and Pyongyang aimed at establishing bilateral diplomatic relations.
Japan may soon recognise N. Korea as a state
AFP, The Straits Times, 21 September 2000. Recognising North Korea as a state is an issue which will be considered and decided in the process of Japan-North Korea normalisation talks. Japanese and North Korean officials ended an inconclusive 10th round of talks on setting up diplomatic ties in Japan in late August.
Japan-N. Korea talks flop
Mainichi Shimbun, 25 August 2000. Japan and North Korea in crucial talks on Thursday failed to bridge the gaps over long-standing issue of damages for Japan's colonization of the Korean Peninsula. However, the two sides did agree to promote exchange programs of diplomats and business people.
Japan-ROK Summit
Mainichi Shimbun, 25 September 2000. Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori and South Korean President Kim Dae-jung held discussions in a casual atmosphere during their summit meeting in Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture, which reflects the recent improvement in relations between the two countries.
S Korea strikes back in history row
BBC News, Thursday 12 July 2001. South Korea has suspended military co-operation with Japan, raising the stakes in a row over new Japanese history textbooks that have angered both Seoul and Beijing. Japan's neighbours are particularly upset by the new history books' failure to mention the tens of thousands Asian women&D#8212;mostly Korean—forced to work as sex slaves for the Japanese military during World War II.