The retrospective history of Taiwan

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Taiwan Aborigines
A dialog from the H-Asia list, November 1995. Seeks older historical records on the aborigines, particularly why the aborigines were considered savage. Han attitudes. Headhunting.
Taiwan’s comfort women had best possible job: Chen adviser
By Annie Huang, Associated Press, Hong Kong Mail 24 February 2001. Angry lawmakers demanded yesterday that Taiwan's president dismiss an adviser who reportedly said that working as World War II sex slaves for Japan's military was the best possible thing for many Taiwanese women.
New Taiwan government marks 1947 crackdown
Reuters, South China Morning Post, 28 February 2001. Two years before Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalists were defeated by Communist forces on the Chinese mainland and fled to Taiwan, Nationalist troops crushed rioting triggered when an alcohol and tobacco inspector beat an unlicensed woman cigarette vendor.