Taiwan's relations with the PRC

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Taiwan's new head of state speaks of ‘future one China’
AFP, DAWN, Sunday 21 May 2000. Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian was inaugurated on Saturday and immediately held out an olive branch to China, prompting a swift counter offer of talks. In an apparent breakthrough in Beijing-Taipei relations, the former dissident used the occasion of the first ever peaceful and democratic transfer of power in Chinese history to withdraw his pre-election pledge to move the island towards formal independence.
Taipei govt downplays Retrocession Day
By Lawrence Chung, The Straits Times, 26 October 2000. The 55th anniversary of Taiwan Retrocession Day—the return of the island to the Chinese fold from Japanese colonisation. In previous years, the Kuomintang authorities celebrated the event in grand style, but Taipei's new regime has opted to play down the occasion.
Taiwan VP Lends Support to Sect Banned by China
By Angus Chuang, Reuters, Saturday 23 December 2000. Taiwan Vice President Annette Lu, reviled by Beijing for her pro-independence stand, lent support on Saturday to China's outlawed Falun Gong spiritual sect in a move certain to further anger the Chinese.
Political Shift on Taiwan Hurts China's Unification Push
By Philip P. Pan, Washington Post, Tuesday 19 June 2001. Taiwan's former president has broken with his own party to support President Chen Shui-bian, dealing a serious blow to China's dream of fostering a strong pro-unification political bloc on the island.
Taiwan's ‘Dollar Diplomacy’ Faces Increasing Challenge
By Jim YU, CND, 20 June 2001. The recent switch of loyalty by the Macedonian government from Taipei to Beijing is just the newest example that Taiwan is losing ground in the diplomatic battles to Beijing.
Taiwan to review China ban
BBC News, Sunday 26 August 2001. Taiwan's President Chen Shui-bian has welcomed calls from a high-level council for a radical overhaul of the island's trade policy with China.