The election of December 2000 in Taiwan

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A Vote Beyond Its Borders
By John Pomfret, The Washington Post, Saturday 18 March 2000. When Taiwanese voters cast their ballots in Saturday's presidential election, they will be taking a step fraught with risks—for China, for the United States, for neighboring Asian countries and for Taiwan itself.
Taiwan Ruling Party Ousted
By John Pomfret, The Washington Post, Sunday 19 March 2000. Defying threats from Beijing, Taiwan's voters elected a former political dissident and champion of Taiwanese independence as their new president today, ending a half-century of Nationalist Party rule and setting the stage for more tension with China.
Chen’s victory
Mainichi Shimbun, 19 March 2000. The candidate of the opposition Democratic Progressive Party, Chen Shui-bian, has been elected president of Taiwan. Since China had repeatedly threatened military action to prevent the Taiwanese from voting for pro-independence Chen, international attention had focused on the question of reunification during the recent election campaign. But this was not the most pressing issue for the residents of Taiwan.