The issue of privatization in Taiwan

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Police, Protesters Tangle in Taiwan Initial Public Offering Protest
Reuters, 16 August 2000. Taiwan police armed with batons and shields scuffled briefly with disgruntled employees of state-owned Chunghwa Telecom on Wednesday as the company began the biggest initial public offering in the island's history.
Eight members of the TMTC labor union launch hunger strike
By Deborah Kuo, CNA, 4 June 2001. Tsai Wan-hsiung, chairman of the TMTC labor union, and nearly one hundred union members protest against the Transportation and Communications Ministry's policies on TMTC's privatization, with eight of the union members deciding to begin a hunger strike.
Petroleum Workers To Block Privatization Of Taiwan's CPC
CNA, Asia Pulse, Wednesday 30 October 30 2002. Concerned about losing their jobs in the process of company privatization, workers of the Chinese Petroleum Corp. (CPC) intend to block the screening of the privatization plan at the Legislative Yuan.
Workers lambaste plans for rail track giveaway
By Hung-fu Hsueh, Taiwan News, 25 February 2003. Around 2,000 rail workers gathered yesterday in the lobby of the Taipei Railway Station to demonstrate against the plan to hand over—free of charge—two platforms and four tracks to a private high-speed rail company. Protesters say move would lead to layoffs and demise of system.
Demonstrations jolt DPP
AP, Taipei Times, Tuesday 4 November 2003. Railway and telecom workers said at protests against the government's privatization policies that the DPP has become too cozy with big business.