The Pan Purple Alliance

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‘Lavender Alliance’ starts push for a fairer society
Taiwan News, Monday 11 August 2003. Several major social movement and welfare organizations combined on Sunday to form a new pan-lavender alliance to push Taiwan's political parties to bring back social issues into the upcoming presidential election.
‘Pan purple’ alliance instant political force
The China Post, 11 August 2003. Taipei The Alliance of Fairness and Justice (AFJ) established yesterday by groups of welfare organizations representing underprivileged people in the country instantly became a new political force being wooed by major parties.
Deep purple evolved from deep blue
By Chiu Hei-yuan 瞿海源, Taipei Times, Friday 15 August 2003. The pan-purple alliance formed by social activist groups have pointed out that the DPP and the KMT are of the same ilk and give no thought to fairness and justice or to helping disadvantaged groups. This undoubtedly is a serious blow to the DPP, whose momentum has been ebbing since the pan-blue camp’s Lien-Soong ticket became a reality.