The environmental history of Taiwan

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Bayer Plant in Taiwan Cancelled
19 March 1998. After a long struggle the local citizens of Taichung county in central Taiwan through a combination of the ballot box and protest have been successful in their attempts to stop the construction of a TDI (toluene di-isocyanate) plant. Today the chemical giant Bayer officially withdrew the proposal.
Sandstorms an enviromental risk
By Liou Ming-lone and Liu Chung-ming 劉銘龍、柳中明, Taipei Times, Friday 20 April 2001. Since last spring, China's sandstorms have repeatedly affected Taiwan's air quality and such incidents will only become more frequent given the trends in global climate change. The frequency of sandstorms is accelerating.
Ex-RCA staffers get support in US for poisoning charges
By Charles Snyder, Taipei Times, 8 June 2002. Workers' representatives from the former RCA TV plant in Taoyuan have wound up a two-week visit to the US, gaining broad support from unions and environmental groups to get General Electric, RCA's parent company, to pay to clean up the site and compensate the victims for the pollution at the site.<