The history of Unemployment in Taiwan

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Taiwan Unemployment At All-Time High In 1999
Inside China, Wed 26 January 2000. Structural changes in the economy away from labor-heavy smokestack industries and towards capital-intensive high-technology sectors helped reduce unemployment. WTO accession is expected to erode employment in traditional sectors, whose production may be supplanted by newly liberalised imports.
Unemployment on the rise in Taiwan
By Lawrence Chung, The Straits Times, 27 September 2000. Experts say the problem threatens the island's development as more industries move production to countries where labour is cheaper. The impact particularly obvious in central and southern Taiwan, the home bases of industries like ship-breaking and petrochemical production businesses.
Taiwan unemployment hits 16-year high
Reuters, Asia Pulse, 25 May 2001. The efforts of industries to modernize and adapt to new market trends and the government's employment measures have had some effect. The number of people serving in the agriculture sector grew, while the number of jobs available in the manufacturing, construction and commercial sectors decreased.
Taiwan's jobless nightmare
By Michael Bristow, BBC News, Monday 5 November 2001. The island's jobless rate hit a record 5.26% in September; last year's jobless rate of 2.99% was previously the highest in the country's modern history. The slump has particularly hit low and semi-skilled workers, but even people at the higher end of the pay scale are being affected.