The history of superstition in Taiwan

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Taiwan UFO suicide cult in Texas
By Dan Bloom, 25 December 1997. A Taiwan-based UFO cult led by a sociology professor from Taipei, has moved to Garland, Texas USA to await the end of the world on March 31, 1998.
Taiwan Diary #6: Urban Religion, Part I
By Scott Simon, 6 August 1999. Modernization theorists believed that religion would fade away in the face of modernity and technological progress. The experience of Taiwan, however, seems to prove the opposite. In spite of Taiwan's rapid industrialization and urbanization (or perhaps BECAUSE of it), traditional and new religions have become a visible part of the Taiwanese urban ethnoscape.
Taiwan Diary #7: Urban Religion (Part II)
By Scott Simon, 25 August 1999. There are more than 20,000 Muslims in Southern Taiwan, who worship in a mosque paid for with a grant from the Dubai government. The Muslim community is ethnically diverse, composed primarily of Indonesian and Malaysian guest workers, mainlanders who came to Taiwan with Chiang Kai-shek in 1949, and a handful of Middle Easterners who work or study in Taiwan.
Ghost shows ‘scaring children’
The Straits Times, 13 August 2000. Taiwanese parents and teachers are complaining that too many television programs about ghosts is breeding an unhealthy fear of the dark among children, and is also encouraging ghostspeak [like U.S. Pres.Bush] in society. Talk shows hosted by celebrities also bombard viewers with spooky discussions about mysterious encounters. The Hungry Ghost Festival began on July 31 and lasts till Aug 28.