The history of the foreign relations of the People's Republic of China

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CPC Said To Expect Eventual Sino-U.S. War
By Li Tzu-ching, Hong Kong Cheng Ming, [8 May 1997]. That a limited Sino-U.S. war will break out sooner or later is a common view among Beijing's political and academic circles. A report on the analysis, assessment, and study of the development and crisis of Sino-U.S. relations, made by the Central Policy Research Center, State Council's Policy Research Center, Foreign Ministry, and Defense Ministry.
Chinese President comes to call as an equal in the superpower sweepstakes
By Franz Schurmann, Pacific News Service, 30 October 1997. China's President Jiang Zemin is on the offensive. He wants far more than an improvement in U.S.-China relations—he wants President Clinton to acknowledge that China is America's equal, the world's only other superpower.
Stand on Yugoslavia Shows Shift in Foreign Policy
By Antoaneta Bezlova, IPS, 21 April 1999. China's reaction to the crisis in Yugoslavia marks a sea change in its foreign policy, whose basics were once dictated by ideology but these days are shaped by its preoccupation with territorial integrity. For that reason, Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, largely demonised in other parts of the world, is being described here as a folk hero.
China turns to Russia for strategic partnership
By Jian An, The Straits Times, 31 July 1999. China's foreign policy has undergone tremendous changes over the past decade. Instead of its past emphasis on an all-embracing, multilateral and great-nation foreign policy, China is embarking on periphery diplomacy aimed at gaining a foothold in the Asia Pacific. A clear and critical step towards this objective was the formation of a strategic partnership with Russia to contend with US hegemony.
‘Sovereignty to the people’
From an open letter to President Jiang Zemin, South China Morning Press 8 May 2001. An edited extract from an open letter to President Jiang Zemin from 18 local labour and religious groups protesting the holding of the Fortune Global Forum in Hong Kong because it glorifies globalization as the model to enhance the wealth of the countries of Asia.
Chinese Premier Discusses Iraqi Issue with Aziz
Xinhua, 28 January 2002. Chinese Premier Zhu Rongji said during a meeting with visiting Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tareq Aziz that China is willing to continue its efforts toward an early solution to the Iraqi issue. China has been advocating that the remaining issues from the 1991 Gulf War, including sanctions against Iraq, should be settled fairly and justly, and at an early date, on the basis of the related resolutions of the United Nations Security Council.