The history of the judicial system of the People's Republic of China

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Amnesty International delegation meets with Chinese parliamentarians at Beijing conference
Amnesty International News Service, 2 October 1996. An AI delegation attending the 96th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Conference, held in Beijing from 16–22 September, meet with members of the NPC and others. AI's Asia director welcomed the emphasis placed on legislative reform in statements to the IPU conference
China Revise Laws Before Entering WTO
Xinhua, 9 June 2001. China has already started a full-scale revision of laws and regulations to make them in agreement with the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules. Since last July, NPC and its standing committee have finished revisions on the Law on Chinese-Foreign Joint Ventures, Law on Foreign-funded Enterprises, Customs Law, Patent Law, Trademark Law and Copyright Law.
China to Try Out British Jury System
China News Digest, 13 June 2001. Chinese police, prosecutors, judges, lawyers and legislators are participating in a two-day mock trial using the British jury system. The trial will be followed by discussions and seminars on the differences between the Chinese and British system.
Chief Judge Speaks on Progress, Problems in Legal System
China News Digest, 5 March 2002. In an interview published in the Workers Daily, Judge XIAO Yang admitted serious operation and system problems within the legal system. Judges have been treated as civil servants and not regarded as special professionals. Progress in the legal system reform. Entry into the WTO will impose serious challenges. Passage of the report in the PNC is open to question.