Capitalist enterprises in the People's Republic of China

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In Major Shift, China Will Sell State Industries
By Seth Faison, The New York Times, 12 September 1997. China's leaders have agreed to sell off the bulk of the nation's big state-owned industries, and will disclose their plans at the opening of a CCP congress that is expected to set the nation's political and economic agenda for the post-Deng era.
Concerning privatisation in China
By Gerard Greenfield, 20 November 1997. Contribution to a dialog on the Labor-L. Sale of state-owned factories; foreign capital investment. Sources of information.
China Lifts Obstacles for Private Industry
By John Pomfret, Washington Post, 5 January 2000. China announced today it plans to scrap all obstacles to developing the economy's private sector, giving one of its strongest endorsements ever to free enterprise in response to economic problems that the government said demand urgent solutions.
Chinese workers desert state sector
By Duncan Hewitt, BBC News, 6 May 2000. A nationwide survey found that in the last two decades, the proportion of urban workers employed in state enterprises has almost halved and that the private sector has snowballed. Only 44% of workers were in state enterprises; 23% worked for individual or family run businesses; a similar proportion worked in collective or other forms of enterprises that in practice are often effectively privately-run.
Private business eclipses state sector in China, study shows
AP, 19 October 2000. Private businesses account for more than half of China's economy despite a banking and taxation system still skewed toward lethargic state-run enterprises. The report, funded partly by the World Bank, provided evidence that thriving private enterprises have eclipsed the state sector and marks another milestone in China's transformation from central planning to free markets.
Business People Urged to Balance Profit With Socialist Aims
CND, 14 November 2001. Mainland business people should follow the three combinations principle in their pursuit of success. Private businessmen should harmonize the development of their business with that of the country, their pursuit of individual wealth with the wealth of others, and socialist ethics with the responsibility of staying within the law.