The history of Three Gorges Dam Project

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Export-Import Bank Decision on Three Gorges Dam Expected Next Week; American Firms Lobby Hard to Get Green Light
Three Gorges Backgrounder #33, 3 Juanuary 1996. The US Export-Import Bank could decide next week whether to subsidize corporate America's involvement in China's controversial Three Gorges dam. Environmentalists opposed to the dam, many of whom have also met with Ex-Im officials, fear the bank will succumb to the intense corporate and political pressure. It's pure pork barrel.
Three Gorges Dam: A metaphor for changing ways in China
By Audrey Ronning Topping, Earth Times News Service, 12 May 1998. The controversy over the construction has once again flared because of an authoritative field report warning that a major human disaster is in the offing. The resettlement program, which has already evicted thousands from their ancestral homes, has been plagued by official corruption, false reports of success, inadequate compensation and the lack of alternate jobs and fertile land.
China Plans to Curb Three Gorges Pollution
China News Digest, 11 March 2001. The government was attempting to block the flow of sediment and industrial pollution into the dam. Critics claim that the heavy loads of silt carried by the Yangtze will be trapped in the huge dam and the reservoir will be polluted.
Zhu stresses dam project's quality
Xinhua, 4 June 2001. Premier Zhu Rongji stresses that construction quality is of life-and-death importance to the Three Gorges Project. The resettlement of local people from the area to other provinces and cities should be further encouraged. By the end of April, the Three Gorges Project had completed the main-frame earth and stone work.
Three Gorges Project Construction Schedule for 2002
Xinhua, 18 January 2002. Damming of the man-made canal specially built to facilitate the passing of Yangtze River water will be one of the six major tasks scheduled for completion this year. The other five tasks this year. Water storage at the Three Gorges will begin in 2003 and completion is anticipated for 2009.
China Begins Clean-up of Three Gorges Reservoir Site
Xinhua, 20 January 2002. China began its clean-up of the planned Three Gorges reservoir bed to get it ready for storing water in 2003. the Three Gorges project, the largest of its kind in the world, on the Yangtze River is scheduled to begin power generation in 2003. If the reservoir bed is not cleared up, water in the reservoir would be polluted by the garbage and discarded objects from industrial enterprises and homes in the region.