Western development in the People's Republic of China

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World Bank reaches compromise on China loan
By Abid Aslam, Asia Times, 29 June 1999. The World Bank has struck an unusual compromise on a politically troublesome financing package for western China. The bank approved the China Western Poverty Reduction Project, but withheld monies for the project's most contentious element—a plan to move 58,000 Chinese peasants to a Tibetan and Mongolian autonomous area bordering Tibet.
World Bank is between China and a hard place
By Abid Aslam, Asia Times, 5 October 1999. Members of a World Bank investigative unit are heading for China to investigate a politically troublesome transmigration project and probe the embattled China Western Poverty Reduction Project. The proposed transmigration generated intense criticism from the Dalai Lama's office, human rights and environmental groups and a number of leading bank shareholders.
East China to Keep Lead in Economic Growth
Xinhua, 28 April 2001. East China, a major powerhouse of the national economy, will continue to lead the nation in economic growth. In the next five years, the average economic growth for the whole country will be around seven percent, but targets set by the seven provinces and one municipality in east China are higher.
China Eyes Breakthroughs in Western Development
Xinhua, 8 August 2001. China is planning major infrastructure construction and environmental protection in its vast western areas in the next five to ten years, including the Qinghai-Tibet railway; transmitting electricity and natural gas from western areas to the east; protecting natural forests, grasslands and rivers; promoting education; specialized farming; mining bases; tourist facilities; improving infrastructure in large cities; and expanding the wide-band digital transmission network.
Knowledge Economy Should Power China's Western Development: Experts
Xinhua, 8 September 2001. The development of China's western region should be powered by high-tech industries, such as information technology, the Internet and other computer-related businesses. So far, some 100 multinationals have chosen the western cities of Xi'an and Chengdu as their development and research centers in China.