The social history of the working class in the People's Republic of China

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China's Prison Laborers Pay Price for Market Reforms
By Philip P. Pan, The Washington Post, 14 June 2001. Zhang Shanguang was imprisoned for starting a labor union during the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests. He refuses to perform laogai, or reform through labor. Capitalist-style economic policies have made it difficult for inefficient prison factories to sell their products and has plunged prisoners into greater misery.
China's entrepreneurs cash in on odd jobs
By Nick Mackie, BBC, Friday 2 January 2004. Chongqinq's bang bang or oddjobbing migrant worker.o The oddjob street haulage worker are the poor men and women from the countryside who come here to eke out a living lugging anything from bricks to fridges along this city's steep lanes.
Enter the Dragon: China's New Proletariat
New Proletariat, No. 74, Spring 2005. Details the super-exploitation of China's peasant/proletariat and that socialist China has always been a country ruled by an oppressive statified capitalist class.