Food and nutrition in the People's Republic of China

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China pushing for agricultural purity
By Renee Schoof, Associated Press, 14 May 1998. Because of haphazard use of farm chemicals that leave poisonous residues, the Ministry of Agriculture is responding to rising concerns about food quality by promoting green food, fresh and processed food certified as contamination-free.
Coarse Food, New Fashion in China
Xinhua, 10 December 2001. Maize, millet, sorghum and other soybean products are thought to be coarse food among Chinese, in contrast to finely processed rice and wheat which have long been a wealthy person's privilege. Coarse foods and potherd consumption now fashionable and considered better for health. More dairy products; exports.
Dairy Product Consumption Surges in China
Xinhua, 18 October 2002. The rate of increase of the per capita consumption of dairy products in China has exceeded ten percent annually for the past three years. Despite this surge in dairy product consumption, China's dairy productivity and total consumption volume are still comparatively low.
Food and Drinking Water to Be Fortified with Minerals
Xinhua, 29 October 2002. The Chinese government will fortify its food and drinking water with minerals and micro, or trace, elements good for human health.