The telecommunications of the People's Republic of China

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New Internet-based telecom service giant
Asia Times, 5 May 1999. China's High-Speed Internet Demonstrative Project represents a third major provider of basic telecom service to appear after China Telecom and China Unicom. The optical-fiber network will provide cable TV, VOD, Graphics & Text information customization, Internet access, telephone call and multimedia communications.
Lines Crossed in China
By John Pomfret, Washington Post, Saturday 17 August 2002. Battles have erupted across China as it grapples with the question of who will control communications in, from and to the most populous country in the world. Fortunes are at stake.
China in massive mobile tech challenge
From Lisa Rose Weaver, China News Digest, Thursday 23 January 2003. Seeking to increase their share in the world's biggest mobile phone market, Chinese cell-phone operators are coming to grips with a massive technological undertaking, to roll out the largest mobile phone network in the world using CDMA—Code Division Multiple Access—technology.