The economic history of the Macao Special Autonomous Region

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Macao's Economic Recovery to Bring More Jobs: Official
Xinhua, 3 May 2001. The Macao (SAR) government will make greater efforts to reduce the unemployment rate and generate more job opportunities for local residents. The number of non-local labor force has been on the decrease over the past few months.
Macao Casinos Pay Record High Tax in 2001
Xinhua, 2 April 2002. The 11 casinos in Macao paid combined tax of as much as six billion patacas (750 million U.S. dollars) last year, hitting a new record in the history as a major source of government fiscal income.
Macao Sees Tourist Boom in First Half of This Year
Xinhua, 25 July 2002. Hong Kong visitors amounted to 25.5 million, or 46.5 percent of the total. China's inland was catching up with visitors from there increasing to 34.2 percent of the total, while Taiwan tourists made up 13.7 percent.