The social history of the Macao Special Autonomous Region

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Macau unemployed clash with police
The Straits Times, 3 July 2000. About 200 unemployed, organised by the Macau Unemployed Workers Self-Help Association, protested against the hiring of foreign workers, in the fourth large-scale demonstration in less than two months. There are about 30,000 foreign workers, many from the Philippines, Thailand and the Chinese mainland.
Macao Has 440,000 People
Xinhua, 24 August 2001. Population growth in 2000 was 1.5 percent points lower than that of 1999, 2,700 more than the figure on the same day in the previous year. Births and deaths, marriages, legal immigrants.
Macao students rush to inland colleges
Xinhua, 22 September 2002. High school graduates in Macao have shown growing enthusiasm for further studies in China's inland-based universities and colleges. Universities in neighboring Guangdong are attractive for because of a similar dialect and cuisine and proximity.