The social history of the Guangxi Autonomous Region

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Minority ‘may flee to Vietnam’
Hong Kong Standard, 23 July 1998. About 3,000 members of one of the mainland's smallest ethnic groups, the Dong ethnic minority have threatened to flee to Vietnam after local authorities forcibly appropriated their land without providing sufficient compensation.
Local Government Building in Guangxi Stormed—Sugarcane Farmers Protest Against Low Sugarcane Prices
China Labour Bulletin, Monthly News Review, 31 October 2002. On September 12, 2002, sugarcane farmers put the Yizhou city government under siege in a large-scale protest over the long-standing problem of low sugarcane prices. The farmers' protest underlines the impending threat of sliding prices of domestic sugar upon China's entry to WTO on December 11, 2002.
Dozens of Farmers Detained After Protest in Guangxi Province—Claims of Beatings in Police Custody
China Labour Bulletin, 3 October 2002. According to a local witness, nearly 30,000 sugarcane farmers from around Yizhou city protested against the low raw sugarcane prices and delaying of the second payment for 2001-2002. An interview with a farmer.